The LION 90.7fm’s Fall 2018 first All-Staff meeting

The LION 90.7fm’s first All-Staff meeting of the Fall 2018 semester took place on August 27th. Ross Michael, President/General Manager of The LION 90.7fm, spoke along with other student leadership for about an hour on plans for the year and semester, ambitions, and struggles. The LION 90.7fm’s facilities are located in the HUB-Robeson Center, but only […]

Luke Garrett thanks Alumni for Michael D. Walsh Student Broadcasters Trustee Scholarship

10/12/17 I am writing to express my enormous gratitude at receiving the Student Broadcasters Trustee Scholarship. I already feel incredibly rewarded being involved with The LION 90.7fm, and this news is more of a blessing than I could ever dream of. I am currently a freshman enrolled in the Electrical Engineering program—after working in the […]

Penn State News on ‘Student Broadcasting’ historical marker

Penn State News has an official feature up on the marker’s placement, along with a short video overview of student broadcasting’s 1912-present history: New historical marker celebrates ‘Student Broadcasting’John PatishnockAugust 14, 2017 UNIVERSITY PARK — For more than a century, Penn State has pioneered broadcasting college radio, and now there’s a new historical marker to […]