The LION 90.7fm’s Fall 2018 first All-Staff meeting

The LION 90.7fm’s first All-Staff meeting of the Fall 2018 semester took place on August 27th. Ross Michael, President/General Manager of The LION 90.7fm, spoke along with other student leadership for about an hour on plans for the year and semester, ambitions, and struggles.

The LION 90.7fm’s facilities are located in the HUB-Robeson Center, but only a short walk away the calming atmosphere of University House and the Hintz Family Alumni Center grounds are a place for inspiration and respite.

Phil Schwarz, an alum and former “Wake Up Call” morning show host from 2007-09, paid a visit to the station. He is back at Penn State to complete an MBA program, and this was his first visit in nearly a decade.

Russ Rockwell, station adviser, trained a faculty broadcaster in some of the station’s new equipment afterwards.