The Penn State Media Alumni Interest Group fosters relationships across the Penn State community for the purpose of connecting students, alumni, professors, and friends passionate about creating and promoting a more robust cultural environment through media.

We are a Penn State Alumni Association Alumni Interest Group affiliate, one of many alumni organizations whose goal is to enrich the student experience while also providing an opportunity for alumni to continue to make an impact for their alma mater.

Among Penn State’s Alumni Interest Groups, the Penn State Media Alumni Interest Group is the first whose mission is to connect students and future alumni interested in supporting an entire field of student activity, rather than a specific student organization.

Our aim is to support a diversity of student media endeavors, and relatedly, to promote a holistic approach to supporting student media that recognizes the interdisciplinary nature of contemporary media.

We have a Facebook group, but most communication occurs over email, which you can sign up for here.

Annual Letter to The LION 90.7fm (WKPS) Student Leadership and Broadcasting Staff

Dear Penn Stater,

An enormous number of the people who dot the Penn State landscape today will be gone tomorrow—or next year, or in three years. Colleges, somewhat like airports, are transitory places. This transience is both a renewing force, ensuring freshness and vibrancy, and a corrosive force, quickly breaking down and wiping away personal and institutional knowledge about who and what has become before and why things are the way they are. In the spirit of combating some of those corrosive aspects, the Penn State Media Alumni Interest Group (AIG) exists to sustain and share a bit of institutional knowledge for the benefit of each new generation of students.

In short, consider this your invitation to engagement with friends and alumni who can help you in a number of ways fulfill The LION 90.7fm’s mission of public service. There are many of us who’ve gone before you who want to get to know you, and lend a helping hand whenever that’s helpful.

We broadly outline “How We Can Help” areas of service, any or all of which you’re welcome to take us up on. We also share our “Public Archives” that contain a bits and pieces of institutional history (including documents, photos, video, and audio) of The LION 90.7fm and its predecessors dating back to WPSC in 1912. These archives are (to put it mildly) incomplete. But they’re what we have at the moment. They’re a start, and you’re encouraged to provide materials from your time to help build upon what we have for the benefit of future generations.

As background, I helped found the Penn State Media AIG in 2011 after my time as a student officer at The LION 90.7fm, and have been fortunate to know almost every president of the station since its 1995 founding. In many ways, my life was changed for the better as a result of The LION 90.7fm, but specifically through so many incredible students, alumni, and townspeople that it gave me the opportunity to meet and with whom I had the chance to form lifelong relationships.

I benefited from meeting a diversity of Penn Staters directly or indirectly connected with the town, campus, and student broadcasting dating to the early 20th century, and in the same spirit I stay engaged to help Penn Staters like you connect with that past, in the hope of building an historically enriched bridge through this century, and maybe on to the next. So many alumni and friends have become engaged through the Penn State Media AIG to help achieve this, and to ensure that the voices of young people are empowered through the platform that is The LION 90.7fm. In this way, each person who participates benefits, but the community and ultimately the wider world stand to benefit from more engaged and public-minded citizens. The LION 90.7fm may be just one of 1,000 or more student organizations at Penn State, but its mission transcends easy categorization, and its impact can be truly international in scope.

All that is to say this: What you’re a part of is special, and if you seize upon the opportunity to build upon what many generations have build so far, you’re bound to benefit tremendously. Don’t hesitate to take me and the other alumni up on our offers to help, and please include us on your email lists if you’re comfortable doing so. That way, we can provide the perspective and guidance without you having to actively ask for it.

You can reach the Penn State Media AIG board anytime by emailing “board@pennstatemedia.com”. You can reach me directly by email at “tom@tomshakely.com”.

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Tom Shakely
Penn State Media Alumni Interest Group