Michael D. Walsh Student Broadcasters Trustee Scholarship

This is the first-ever scholarship benefiting the students who make independently programmed and operated campus radio possible. This is an opportunity to support both Penn State students and the culture of independent, community radio that has enriched the lives of so many young people over many generations. The scholarship generates more than $7,200 annually for The LION 90.7fm.


Student Applications

Applications for this scholarship will be available each April and awarded the following academic year. It provides tuition assistance to undergraduate student leaders. First preference shall be given to students from the eligible pool who are involved with The LION 90.7fm (WKPS) radio station. Additional information and the application will be posted here at the end of each Spring semester. Please note, applicants must be eligible for federal pell grants to qualify for this award. Students may only receive one trustee scholarship per academic year. For additional information about this scholarship, contact involvement@psu.edu.


If you have questions about this effort, or would like help setting up a recurring giving commitment, please email support@pennstatemedia.com.

Becoming A Donor

Mike Walsh has made a major commitment toward our goal, committing to give $20,000 toward our $50,000 goal. Gifts can be made directly to the scholarship fund by clicking here.

As of April 2018, $15,010 in pledged gifts have been received toward the $50,000 goal.

Student Scholarship Recipients

  • 2014/15: Tyler Ball, $5,000
  • 2015/16: Carl Johnson, $5,000
  • 2016/17: Luke Garrett $10,000

Donors (As of January 2017)

  1. Mike & Trish Walsh
  2. Andy & Danielle Banducci
  3. Chris & Terri Buchignani
  4. Drew Hall
  5. Kevin Horne
  6. Tom Shakely
  7. Alex Smith
  8. Josh Troxell
  9. John Raynar
  10. David Denny
  11. Eleni Psaltis
  12. Robert Hanna
  13. Tim Brown
  14. John Gehron
  15. Evelyn Walsh
  16. Anonymous