Luke Garrett thanks Alumni for Michael D. Walsh Student Broadcasters Trustee Scholarship

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I am writing to express my enormous gratitude at receiving the Student Broadcasters Trustee Scholarship. I already feel incredibly rewarded being involved with The LION 90.7fm, and this news is more of a blessing than I could ever dream of.

I am currently a freshman enrolled in the Electrical Engineering program—after working in the HVAC/Electrical trade after high school, I wanted to learn how to design and apply concepts revolving around electronics and power. I am learning a lot from people I’m meeting here at the station, and hopefully I will get to learn more about engineering applications in communications. Because I live off campus, I have had a difficult time meeting other students and getting involved with normal campus activities—but hosting a show on The LION makes everything easier, and has allowed me to meet people from all corners of Penn State’s academic life.

Although I am committed to engineering, I am primarily involved with The LION because I love music more than anything else. I am a huge fan of classic rock—the hits, and all the songs surrounding the hits—and I want to contribute to the student body of Penn State by bringing to light the amazing music that has been forgotten over the past few decades. I know that this scholarship will help immensely in my academic life, and will allow me to continue to help spread the music of the vinyl era. In the future, I look forward to helping The LION grow and spread across Happy Valley—I strongly believe in the power of student radio, and I feel like I can be a part of the effect to strengthen the station. I hope to recruit more DJs, work to help as an officer, and make The LION everything that it can be.

Thank you so much!

Luke Garrett
70 Orchard Road
Port Matilda, PA 16870