Paul Krow’s WDFM memories

WOW! Do I remember WDFM. I started out at 7:00 PM on Friday my first year and the following year, WMAJ asked to move my show, “Marquis Memories” to 8:00 PM for a simulcast on both stations. What an honor!

My scripts got better because now I was in the big time. I would go to WDFM in Sparks at midnight on Thursday and record the show, so I could edit out any mistakes.

One night I played “The Fantastics” because the Players were doing the show the following weekend. There is a song in there that is listed as NOT FOR AIR BROADCAST. But, I didn’t think very many people listened to my show, so I played it anyhow.

The lights on every phone lit up within seconds as Micky Bergstein and Steve (Forgot his name, program manager at WMAJ) called immediately to complain. But, I learned that I had at least two listeners. They later forgave me.

What fun we had at WDFM. There are at least four or five other funny stories, but I won’t bore you with them.

Paul Krow
Marquis Memories
Class of 1963