Steven M. Weisberg, WDFM alum, shares reunion photos

Steven M. Weisberg, an alumnus of WDFM from 1968-72, shared photos from the 2004 reunion of alumni of Penn State student radio. Weisberg now lives in Florida, and reminisced to us about his time on campus:

My four years at WDFM from 1968-1972 were both instructive and fun filled and I will always cherish the opportunity that was afford me by the University to plumb the creative of radio and have immediate feedback from students, faculty, girlfriends and general listeners. I still use my clear radio voice whenever opportunities present themselves, like re-recording an outgoing voicemail message, which may not be as much a thrill as “talking up” the intro of a record, but it reaffirms that what I learned at Penn State is still a part of my life today.