Boshra Gheopreal, WKPS alum, reminisces

Boshra Gheopreal was recognized by alumni in May 2011 with a Nittany Lion Shrine statuette for exceptional service. He wrote at the time:

Hello! My name is Boshra Gheopreal. I am a recent graduate from Penn State University majoring in Telecommunications. I’ve held several positions at WKPS (The LION 90.7 FM) including Vice President/Program Director, Urban Music Director and radio personality. For the past three years, I have put in countless hours into WKPS in an effort to make it the best student station it could possibly be.

While at WKPS, I opened up access to College Music Journal (CMJ) to report the music we play, which resulted in the station receiving music it had not received in several years. By opening up CMJ, I have been able to develop relationships with record labels and music distributors. For example, Stones Throw Records, Co-Sign Collective, Foundation Media, Alpha Pup Records, a little with Rostrum Records, and more. Also this resulted in more interviews with musicians of different caliber. Another major project I worked on was setting up automation for both the Jam 91 (Hip-Hop/R&B) and RPM (Electronic/Dance) programs. Along with my own contributions, I have assisted the operations and promotional sections of the station in completion of their projects and goals.

With all I have done for the station, WKPS has helped me grow into a better man and leader, and gave me friendships that will last for years. Thank you for this award and I appreciate my hard work being recognized!