See Me, See Me

Steven Weisberg, Class of 1972, shares a photo and a story:

I wish I had, or more accurately, wish my parents had, more space to save my WDFM college era stuff but one of the surviving photos I found from December 1968 shows me in a “See-Me- See-Me” WDFM Exhibitionist Team T-Shirt that we sported on campus. 

I can’t remember the day or time, but sometime in the fall of 1968 after Richard Nixon was elected President and the world was going to hell in a handbag back then, there was a story in the Collegian about a young co-ed encountering a man on campus who exposed himself while proclaiming “See-Me; See-Me”. Of course, it caught more attention with the rock jocks of the station than it did with the girl on campus and we memorialized that main event of the Fall Term with a limited edition T-Shirt. It’s not altogether impossible to think that our relentless recounting and satirical take offs then ricocheted across the Atlantic to the Mother Country and inspired Pete Townshend to write “See Me Feel Me” while creating “Tommy”. One can never quite tell the reach and consequence a 1,000 watt FMer might have on a clear night when radio waves bounce to unexpected heights and distances.

In the picture, I’m behind my best friend Warren Rosen in my home in Northeast Philadelphia. Ironically, though he got SAT scores over 1300 and was admitted to PSU before graduating the 11th grade, Warren was quarantined at the Ogontz Campus because he declared himself a Liberal Arts Major, while I found my way to University Park as a declared Theater Major with SAT’s that barely broke 800. In hindsight, I suppose that artists’ get a break on the I.Q. bell curve since they’re willing to do Theatrical behind the scenes grunt work as educational sweat equity.