WPSC Photos

Mike Bezilla’s “Penn State: An Illustrated History” contains similar history to the Penn State Student Broadcasting Story plaque that hangs in The LION 90.7fm’s HUB-Robeson Center facilities. Bezilla tells the same story, but leaves out the role of the Senior Gift of the Class of 1912 and 8XE’s experimental period. Still, Bezilla’s illustrated history does contain two photos of 1920s student radio that are remarkable. This is an excerpt from Bezilla’s book with the photos below:

The most novel medium of communication pressed into service during the campaign was the College’s new radio station. Using transmitting equipment donated by several Pittsburgh area alumni, the station began broadcasting in January 1921, less than a year after the nation’s first commercial station, Pittsburgh’s KDKA, went on the air. The Department of Electrical Engineering supervised operations while a new Department of Public Information handled programming, which typically consisted of agricultural reports, faculty lectures, and musical concerts. Heard throughout Pennsylvania and in many distant states, the station carried call letters WPAB until 1924, when they were changed to WPSC. Unfortunately, a lack of money for technical repairs and improvements caused broadcast schedules to become sporadic, greatly hindering the station’s effectiveness in the building campaign.