Radio, like most industries, has its own jargon and terminology. We at The LION 90.7fm use this language in our own everyday operation. Knowledge of all of these terms is recommended to enhance your understanding of how things work here so as to move you through the training process and enable you to compatibly work […]

Policy Basics

The LION 90.7FM (WKPS – State College) is Penn State University’s student radio station. It is chartered as an undergraduate student organization under the Penn State Office of Student Affairs. It is one of Penn State’s largest student organizations. History of The LION 90.7fm How did we get to where we are today? Here’s a […]

What was the ‘LION riot’ and why should I care?

Download file During the Fall 2001 semester at Penn State, a relationship that The LION 90.7fm had sought with the College of Communications turned rocky after representatives from the college their own curricular-focused news studio into the extracurricular student station’s sound board without proper communication or permission. This led to an incident known locally as “The […]

Lesson 5. Formatics, Programmatics, and Production

The Station Programming Grid: What do we broadcast? When and why? Single format is the winning commercial formula – easier to image and sell. But WKPS was founded with the intent of providing “cultural and alternative programming,” allowing for a variety of independent genres enjoyed by students and the community, traditionally not found in the […]

Lesson 4. Language & Theory of Radio

How Radio Works- Commercial radio model Broadcasting is a business Radio stations make money by selling advertising time (commercials) The more people who listen to a station, the more valuable its airtime Stations measure listeners using Arbitron ratings (Arbitron = the Neilsons of radio) Therefore, higher Arbitrons create greater dollar value for airtime CREATING LISTENERSHIP […]