Radio Free Penn State

A long-running 10+ year public affairs talk program, Radio Free Penn State was a strident and unusually frank voice within the Penn State community that engaged students, alumni, faculty, trustees, administration, and community members in the spirit of bettering the university community. It was a distinct contribution to the local public affairs environment, and was led by long-time volunteer Andy Nagypal, who coordinated 4-5 panelists Monday thru Friday from 5-6pm for years.

Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship Trustee Candidate Forum (2012-02-04) (2 hours) Download 

A special two-hour candidate forum for six trustee candidates being put forth by Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship. Part I: Introductions and Why the Trustee Candidates are Running, Part II: University Governance and the Role of Trustees (Starting at the 28:24 minute mark), Part III: Transparency, Accountability, and Final Thoughts (Starting at the 57:14 minute mark).

Segment: A Preview of TEDxPSU’s 2011 Conference (11/12/11) Download 

Christian Brady on Core Curriculum, Research & New Media (04/29/11) (53 mins) Download 

Christian Brady, dean of the Schreyer Honors College at Penn State, discusses his college and other higher ed topics. The audio of the full interview was aired here on Radio Free Penn State on April 29th, along with an honest and candid post-interview follow-up discussion.

2010 Demo Tape- Abridged (6 mins) Download 

2010 Demo Tape- Unabridged (8 mins) Download 

Parody: Graham Spanier’s ‘State of the University’ (3 mins) Download 

President Graham Spanier Special Interview (2008-11-17) (60 mins) Download

Dr. Ben Novak Rebuts Graham Spanier (2008-11-19) (53 mins) Download

Ben Novak on the 1964 Riots (Segment) (2008-10-27) (30 mins) Download 

In October 2008, Penn State students rioted in Beaver Canyon in response to the Nittany Lion football loss to Ohio State. In this segment, Andy Nagypal and student panelists speak with Dr. Ben Novak about the birth of student demonstrations in State College, specifically covering the history concerning the 1964 student riot.

Bob Zimmerman Memorial Tribute (2007-01-19) (2 hours) Download

Robert K. Zimmerman mentored, advised, and guided The LION 90.7fm since its founding, and was loved by those who came to know him. A candid and fervent Penn Stater, Bob Zimmerman was our lion, and though we lost him in January 2007, we remember him fondly, and his spirit continues to guide our actions. This tribute show, a special extended edition of Radio Free Penn State, aired on The LION 90.7fm on Jan. 19, 2007.

Beryl Healy on the Drinking Problem (2004-11-18) (1 hour) Download 

Marty Nemko on Higher Education Reform (2008-05-22) (1 hour) Download 

Nick Stathes Interview (Raw) (2006-09-12) (19 mins) Download 

Nick Stathes was the last president of the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) at Penn State, and comments on the dissolution of this government and his hopes for the University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA)

Nick Stathes Second Interview (Raw) (2006-11-11) (8 mins) Download 

Initially lighthearted conversation that pivots into Nick’s thoughts on issues that matter for Penn State student leaders.

Jose Texidor Interview (Raw) (2006-09-14) (5 mins) Download 

Joe Texidor, Esq was head of Student Legal Services at Penn State before being dismissed by Vice President for Student Affairs Vicky Triponey.